18 things for 2018

new-years-eve-2238337_960_720Poooft.  Hear that? That is the sound of a layer of dust being blown off this little ole blogging space!  I can’t believe I only wrote one measly blog post in the whole of 2017 – what a disaster!  I sure did miss it but 2017 was definitely the year of total overcommitment for the Fealy Family, despite our best intentions for it to be otherwise.

2018 is going to be different!  You heard it here first and no famous last words this year.

Inspired by some of my favourite people out there in internet world who wrote these posts:

Rebecca Sparrow “For 2018, I’m going to follow Gretchen Rubin’s lead and instead weave more joy into my life. So instead of big, imposing resolutions, instead I’m going to do 18 for 2018. Eighteen things I’d love to try over the coming 12 months. These are more one-off experiences rather than large-scale goals!”

This photo from Fat Mum Slim:


And this post from Baby Mac “The unexpected act of (awesome) kindness”

I have been inspired to write my own “18 things to do in 2018 post”, so here it is:

  1. One random act of kindness per month
  2. One book read per week
  3. Visit Green Island
  4. Camping weekend Cobbold Gorge and Undarra
  5. No cokes or V’s for a year
  6. 45minutes exercise per day (min 5 times per week)
  7. No TV during the week
  8. Bell Girls weekend to Melbourne
  9. Daintree weekend away with Matt
  10. Beauty appointment once per month
  11. One blog post per week minimum
  12. 2017 Family Photo album done
  13. Saturday night board game/cards night
  14. Write a letter to a friend and post it
  15. Walk Mt Baldy
  16. One Date Night with Matt per month
  17. No extra commitments taken on!
  18. Trees planted on our Samford property

How bout you?  Got any New Year’s resolutions or things you want to do this year that you would care to share?  Anybody want to join us in any of these? (Maybe not our Date nights – but everything else is open for joining in!).

I did also like this pic which keeps things simple in 2018 – whatever you have planned, here’s hoping we all have a happy, healthy and terrific year!


Lots of Love

The Fealy Family xoxox

PS.  I’ll catch you all up on a ‘Fealy Family Highlights Reel’ for 2017 in my next post!

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2 thoughts on “18 things for 2018

  1. Well done Jess, you have inspired me I get back on board too. I have so much to talk about. Cheers. Xo

    • Are We There Yet?

      Thanks Aunty Leanne – it feels good to be blogging again! Look forward to reading your posts too!

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