Family Life via 9 years of Birthday Cakes

Happy-Birthday-8Next week Jack – our eldest son – turns 10.  I don’t know if it’s all the Facebook posts floating around about kids finishing school today, or just something in the air at this time of year, but I’ve been feeling all nostalgic which had me spending a good hour or so this morning just floating through our iPhoto albums on the computer and looking back on all of Jack’s past birthday’s.  I’ve written about a few of them here and here.

As I flicked from year to year, I had to giggle a little about how his birthday cakes are a bit of a reflection of our family journey to date and so I thought I’d write a short post to share today, just because that’s the kind of mood I’m in!  If anybody out there has a somebody finishing high school today – CONGRATULATIONS!  It is such an exciting time for all involved – so much adventure, learning and life ahead!

Anyway – I hope you’ll forgive this little self-indulgent trip down memory lane – it’s just that I feel like in the blink of an eye my baby who is nearly 10 will be finishing school and leaving home – how fast, fast time does fly! Continue reading

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Cape Tribulation

IMG_8904So, this must be some kind of record – even for us – for the trip that has taken the longest to blog about – aaaargh – I honestly wish there were more hours in the day to do all the fun stuff I love!  Anyway, going back to our trip back in June exploring Cape Tribulation, the Daintree and Cooktown, here’s a short post on checking out Cape Tribulation. Continue reading

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The City Slider


Usually if we can manage it, in the school holidays we try to do one outing or activity that costs money – something a bit different or exciting for the kids (ok – and us too!).  Last weekend ‘The City Slider’ came to Kurunda – just a 30 minute drive down the road for us, and the lure of a 325 metre water slide in the middle of town was just too much for us to miss so we bought tickets to go along!  The City Slider is a two lane slide, 6m wide, 325m long and has a layer of 40mm foam underneath it for a soft landing and recycles as much water as possible.   Continue reading

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7 Things to Do these School Holidays on the Atherton Tablelands


This time last year I wrote this post with some ideas for things to do on the Atherton Tablelands in the school holidays.  There is so much great stuff to do up here in our neck of the woods that I decided it was high time I put a few more of my favourite school holidays activities out there into cyber space!  With still a week of school holidays left – there is still plenty of time to get out and about and have some school holiday fun.

So, here’s 7 more things to do these school holidays on the Atherton Tablelands – Fealy Family style of course! Continue reading

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Jungle Surfing in the Daintree Rainforest



jungle surfer – noun

“an adventurer who effortlessly flies from tree to tree, soaked in the ancient beauty of the Daintree Rainforest”

So, one of the best things about staying a bit closer to home for our Fealy Family Adventure this year, was less fuel costs meant a little bit of ‘treat’ money towards doing something really awesome on our trip.  After setting up camp at Lync Haven Camping Ground, we did some research (asked the campground receptionist, google, trip advisor) and decided that a Jungle Surfing Canopy Tour looked too good to miss and we sure weren’t disappointed!  A Cape Tribulation Sea Kayaking Tour and Cape Tribulation Hore Rides were close contenders, but we had to leave them for next time! Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – World Tourism Day


Just a quick Sunday Snapshot post tonight.  Those of you who follow us on Facebook and Instagram will have seen that we have been joining in with World Tourism Day today.  We spent the day at Palm Cove – the kids loved the time at the beach and I got to take part in an ‘Instameet’ (gathering of instagrammers) and meet a few other social media junkies from Tropical North Queensland!  I love Palm Cove and I have blogged about it before here, so not much more to say really other than here’s a couple more favourite shots from the day!  Oh – and go and check it this cute video Matt took of Kipp loving the beach on the Blue Sky Produce Instagram handle. Continue reading

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Camping at the Daintree

IMG_8860I’ve been hanging out to tell you all about the great ten days camping we had in late June, early July this year and seeing as it is World Cassowary Day today, I thought a post about camping in the Daintree where we got to see a real life cassowary and his chick, would be fitting.  After a busy mango and avocado season at Blue Sky Produce, we were counting down the days until we could hitch Black Betty up and hit the road for our annual camping holiday.  We had opted for something close to home this year, something not as costly in terms of fuel and not having to spend as much time driving with a 1 year old in the car!  We were also in need of some quality family time to relax, read and unwind, so wanted a trip with plenty of downtime in it.  It was going to be hard to beat our Lawn Hill trip from last year, but a round trip via the Daintree and Cooktown looked like just the right little jaunt for our Fealy Family Adventure for 2015! Continue reading

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Hello Again!


Hi Everybody!  We’re still here, still alive and kicking!  Sorry about the radio silence, life has just got in the way and to be honest, I wasn’t sure how to keep blogging anymore – so many ethical questions around how much of our family life to share, whether we should be sharing photos of our kids, whether I had the time and energy to blog or should be better using my time elsewhere etc, etc, etc.  However, I’m back now because I missed blabbing away on here so much, and most of all, I missed not having a record of our family adventures to look back over in the years to come, so I’ve decided to forget the rest!   We’ve probably lost most of our followers by now, but if anybody is still out there and reading – a big HELLO!  We’ve missed you xoxoxo! Continue reading

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A One Year Old in the House!


There is so much to catch up on here on the blog, I really don’t know where to start!  I should do a quick update post for you all, but I just don’t ‘feel like’ doing that, so I’m going to do a little reminiscing about how fast 12 months has flown by in the life of our Baby No 4, Master Kipp!  Kipp turned one at the end of April and a few weeks ago he starting walking, so ‘officially’ that is the baby years over for the Fealy Family!  I feel sad and glad about that!  I love babies, the tiny clothes, the breastfeeding, the snuggling, the first smiles, first giggles, watching the sitting up, crawling, learning to walk progression.  These have been lots of fun for all of us with Kipp – the big brothers and sister have been so involved and loving of this little man!  But, we are getting tired!  Babies are hard work.  Little sleep, little time for Matt and I on our own, and little time for me to get done what I want to/need to!  It feels nice to know we are moving on a little now.  Time for the next phase! Continue reading

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DSC_0026What’s this – I hear you ask? An actual blog post from the Fealy Family again?  I know – we’ve been AWOL recently and I’m very sorry if anybody has been missing us!  But guess what?  We went camping over this Queen’s Birthday June long weekend and it was so, so awesome I have to share it with you and hopefully I will kick back into blogging gear again and fill you all in on what has been happening up here recently!

So, here goes.  Let me tell you about Chillagoe! Continue reading

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