Gregory River

DSC_0596Are you ready to hear about the best ‘bush’ camping we have ever done to date?  As you already know, upon leaving Adels Grove campground, we decided to head back towards Gregory Downs and spend the next five nights free camping in a nice secluded spot on the Gregory River, in a place we had previously located on our way through to Lawn Hill earlier in the week. Matt really doesn’t like caravan park/campground camping and after having a busy, nearly twelve months on the farm with lots of workers and family around, we were really hanging out for some quiet, relaxing family time.  That is exactly what we got on the Gregory River! Continue reading

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A Morning Walk at Mission Beach


I’m finishing off my series of posts about Mission Beach with this one.  We’ve shared about the Mission Beach Sunset Sail and the Mission Beach Wedding, well now this is a Mission Beach Morning Walk!

Those of you who have kids or have had them, will most likely agree that going on holidays with kids is not always a walk in the park!  One of the things that always happens when we go away with our kiddos is that they don’t sleep well.  Particularly when we have a baby in the mix!  It always seems to take a few nights for them to settle in to their new beds and surroundings before they go back to sleeping right through the night and not waking up at the crack of dawn in excitement at being somewhere different!

Well – we had kind of forgotten all this as our older three were pretty much past this stage or had become great travellers after our trip around Oz last year!  Enter our now five month old baby Kipp and we were given the ‘parents with baby on holiday’ rude reminder!   Continue reading

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Tastes of the Tablelands

10665101_771775732889591_1388650302910152258_nA few weeks back now, we had a visit from the high profile Melbourne food blogger ‘I Eat Melbourne’.  We gave them the backstage pass tour of the Blue Sky Produce orchards and chatted about all sorts of things food and social media related! Continue reading

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Adels Grove

DSC_0459Oh dear – I have just realised that we never finished telling you all about our two week trip away in June/July!! Ooopsy Daisy!!!  Right, back to it then – there’s a couple of awesome posts to come!  So, while we explored Lawn Hill/Boodjamulla National Park we set up base camp at Adels Grove Camping Park.  It was a lovely shady campground with plenty of room for everyone.  No designated sites – just find a spot wherever you liked. As we mentioned in our Lawn Hill post – there is no internet connection available at Adels Grove but the shady sites outweighed that for us as even in winter it was very hot at the National Park!!  Just a word of warning though – it would be very difficult to get much sun on your solar panels in the Adels Grove Campground as most of the park is covered by the leafy tree canopy!  The Top Campground at Adels Grove does allow pets and generators, but it is much hotter and no where near as pretty and leafy as The Grove campground.

Here’s a little bit of trivia for you – the Adels Grove Park was originally taken up by the owner as a Botanical Garden and over 1000 species of exotic and native plants, shrubs and trees were planted there.  The Botanical Gardens in Brisbane still has 536 different samples of seeds sent to them by the original owner!  This really explains the beauty of the campround here!  We camped for three nights at Adels and really enjoyed it. Continue reading

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A Mission Beach Wedding


I LOVE weddings soooooo much!  I love the gathering of family and friends to celebrate, the chance to visit somewhere beautiful and new, dress up and kick up your heels for the day – it doesn’t get much better in my book!  As you know – at the end of September we headed to Mission Beach for my friend Mel’s wedding.  You’ve already read about where we stayed and the Hen’s Night Sunset Sail, so now time for a post about the awesome wedding which Mel has kindly let me share some of the details of with you!  Let’s start with a few beautiful photos of the day ………………………………… Continue reading

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Port Douglas Wildlife Habitat


So, it’s official – we can now tick off being world record holders from the bucket list – woot, woot!!  What am I on about?  Well, on the 4th of October the kids and I and the cousies, took part in the world record breaking Queensland Instameet at the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas.  What the heck is an ‘instameet’ you ask?  Well, you can read this post on the official Queensland travel blog, but basically, “an Instameet is where people gather in a pre-determined place, at a set time, to take photos then upload them to Instagram. That’s it really”.


We had a really good time, but before I share the story of our day – here’s a few stats for you.

Continue reading

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In the Media – Blue Sky Produce

We’ve been lucky enough over the past month to be featured on a couple of different platforms in the media.  It has been an exciting time, but also very nerve-wracking and a definite learning experience into the ‘behind the scenes’ of how things operate in the media world.

Continue reading

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Big Mama – A Sunset Sail at Mission Beach


Remember a few weeks ago I posted the first of a few posts that were to come about our few days away at Mission Beach?  Well here is a quick post about an awesome afternoon sailing aboard ‘Big Mama’ a charter yacht, which my friend Mel hired to celebrate her last night as a single lady!  It was a magic afternoon and something I had been looking forward to for many months!  I was a little nervous about leaving Matt with baby Kipp and all the kids but told myself they could manage for a few hours surely without any major tears! Continue reading

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International Day of Rural Women


My eyes are hanging out of my head, we have one super tired baby, our house is a bomb site with dishes that need to be done, washing everywhere and housework tasks so far behind that I can’t even bear to think about it, but I have to tell you about the great day I had yesterday in celebration of International Day of Rural Women! October 15 has been designated by the UN as the International Day of Rural Women to recognize “the critical role and contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty.”

The inaugaral ‘Resourcing Women of the North – International Day of Rural Women’ Conference hosted by the local Northern Gulf Resource Management Group was held here in Mareeba yesterday and I got to go along.  Continue reading

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Mission Beach

DSC_0321Hi Everyone!  I’ve got a bit ‘blog stumped’ recently – mainly because we have had heaps of bits and peices going on that I am hanging out to tell you about and I just don’t know where to start!!  So today – I wrote down all the blog post ideas that are running around in my head at the moment, cut them up into strips and dumped them in a hat and pulled one out!  This way I get started somewhere! Apologies if things are a bit all over the place on the blog for the next few days until I get some blog posts done and you are all up to date again!

Right then, let’s get going, I am going to tell you about our trip away to Mission Beach in the school holidays!  It was one of the best family trips away that we have ever had and that’s saying something, as our little family has had a number of awesome adventures!! Continue reading

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