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Hello Everyone!  Yes – we are all still alive and kicking up here on the farm!  We have had a nasty flu lay us low for the past couple of weeks but there are only a few more coughs and snuffles to get rid of and then we are all in the clear – hooray!  So, as usual, there is lots of catching up to do on the blog and I thought I’d better start with an update of all the goings on here at Blue Sky as things have been busy, busy, busy! Continue reading

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Bub No 4


Kipp is 4 and 1/2 months old now and I have just realised I have not yet shared the photo shoot that my cousin Sarah did when he was just a week old!!

Kipp, our baby number four is a much loved and much wanted member of our family!  Ever since I had Lexi 5 years ago I was sure that we needed to have another little person in our family.  I always pictured 4 lunch boxes on the bench, 4 school bags hanging up and another little face in the back seat of the car!  Matt took a little more convincing that we needed to add more chaos into the family, that losing his drawers in the back of Peter Prado to make way for a seat in the back would be ok, and the fact that we would be doing the nappies, mess and sleep deprived thing for another few years, made Bub No 4 a pretty hard sell!!!!!  For a while there it was tough for Matt and I, being at odds over what was right for our family, it was not a decision that could be easily compromised on. Continue reading

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Lawn Hill – Boodjamulla National Park


Here at last is our wrap up of three days spent exploring Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park at the end of June!!  After two nights at Gregory Downs we had a leisurely pack up and drove the short 90kms down the road to base ourselves in the campground at Adels Grove and spend the next few days seeing all there was to see at Lawn Hill.

The road out to Adels Grove was really great for the first 50kms or so, right up to the turnoff for the MMG Century Zinc mine.  After that, the last 40km’s were pretty rough going – lots of dust, corrugations and a much narrower road.  The Adels Grove Campground is 10km’s from the Lawn Hill National park itself but we are so glad we camped at Adels as opposed to the National Park campground – it was much shadier and nowhere near as dusty!  The only downside was that there was full phone/internet reception available at the National Park but nothing at all at Adels Grove!  I will do a separate post about Adels Grove next, this one will focus on what we got up to in the Lawn Hill National Park, there are just too many photos and to much to tell you to fit it all in one post. Continue reading

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Gregory Downs


Right – blog posts are few and far between these days – my comittment to the gym is eating into my ‘free’ time at the moment!  However, the next couple of days are going to be dedicated to finishing off the posts about our little trip at the end of June.  So, where were we?  That’s right – I have already filled you in on the first three nights of our trip free camping along the Burke Developmental Road.  From Leichardt Falls we headed to Gregory Downs along a narrow, very dusty dirt road that ran alongside Augustus Downs Station.

Continue reading

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An Interview with Food Tank

We have really fallen behind with the blogging recently and as such it has been quite a while since we have shared much on the blog about life here on the farm at Blue Sky.  So, I thought you might be interested to read a little interview that we were approached to do last week by an organisation called Food Tank.

We first came across Food Tank when we were researching how to get involved with the International Year of Family Farming, which we wrote about here.  Food Tank’s mission is to “build a global community for safe, healthy, nourished eaters. They spotlight environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways of alleviating hunger, obesity, and poverty and create networks of people, organizations, and content to push for food system change.”  The great thing about Food Tank is that they also aim to “highlight hope and success in agriculture. They feature innovative ideas that are already working on the ground, in cities, in kitchens, in fields and in laboratories.”  Check out the Food Tank website, sign up for their newsletter and you will hear stories from all over the globe about all sorts of food system issues and emerging developments in sustainable agriculture.

Food Tank are huge advocates for family farming and we are only just beginning to think about ways ourselves to be more sustainable farmers to ensure Blue Sky Produce is profitable and still here for many future generations of farmers in the family to come.  We were quite excited to be approached by Food Tank to feature in an upcoming article relating to the International Year of Family Farming.

Below is a transcript of our interview – we have no idea if it will ever make it into print, so wanted to record it here for our own records.  If nothing else, hopefully it gives you a bit of an insight into what we do here at Blue Sky. Continue reading

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Toby’s 7th Birthday

DSC_0210Last week Toby turned seven.  He took some tiny teddy cars in to school to share with his classmates on his actual birthday and then on Sunday we celebrated with some family and a few of Toby’s choosen friends with a birthday party. Continue reading

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The Hitlist


My legs groan every time I try to stand up, I can barely brush my hair as my arms are too sore to lift above my head and don’t say anything funny because it hurts my stomach muscles to laugh!  You see, I’ve just started going to the gym and at the moment it is torture.  I have never been so unfit and heavy in my life!  I love all the bad things; coke, chocolate, cake – the list goes on.  Since having kids and becoming time poor, my health and exercise routines have dropped a long way down on the priority list.

But, with a very good friend’s wedding coming up in a few months and a decision made that I need to set a better example for the kids, as well as seeing both my sisters last month looking so fit and gorgeous, I have recently committed to make some changes – I don’t want to be the porky one in the family anymore! Continue reading

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Burke Developmental Road – Mareeba to Normanton

DSC_0009It has been over two weeks now since we arrived back from our maiden voyage with ‘Black Betty’ and I am still getting through all the washing from the trip.  We arrived back late on the Sunday night and were straight back into things again with new workers starting about Blue Sky, visiting travellers staying and the Mareeba Rodeo all straight up!  It felt like our holiday had never happened all within 24 hours and I am really struggling to claw my way back onto the ‘organised’ and ‘tidy house’ train – aaaaaaargh!

Anyway, I’m dying to share all of our little adventure with you as we had a great time and we couldn’t be happier with the camper! Continue reading

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Palm Cove – Bell Girls Weekend 2014


IMG_5139There are soooooo many blog posts floating around in my head at the moment with our whole camping holiday to share still, but I’m going to start with a post from a few weeks ago to fill you in on the awesome weekend I had with my mum and two sisters.  This weekend really kicked off ‘holiday season’ for me as this is the best, and really the only time of year, that we can squeeze a bit of time off from the farm at Blue Sky. Continue reading

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O’Briens Creek, Mt Surprise.

We finished off our two weeks away last weekend with a few nights camping with family at O’Briens Creek and doing some gem fossicking. My Aunty Leanne wrote a post about it on her blog ‘Travelling is An Adventure”. I thought I would share the post on our blog too as it will probably be a week or so until I get a chance to do our post about our time at O’briens Creek. It was a great weekend and a really lovely spot!! Leanne has some great photos of our time there in her post so check it out!

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