A One Year Old in the House!


There is so much to catch up on here on the blog, I really don’t know where to start!  I should do a quick update post for you all, but I just don’t ‘feel like’ doing that, so I’m going to do a little reminiscing about how fast 12 months has flown by in the life of our Baby No 4, Master Kipp!  Kipp turned one at the end of April and a few weeks ago he starting walking, so ‘officially’ that is the baby years over for the Fealy Family!  I feel sad and glad about that!  I love babies, the tiny clothes, the breastfeeding, the snuggling, the first smiles, first giggles, watching the sitting up, crawling, learning to walk progression.  These have been lots of fun for all of us with Kipp – the big brothers and sister have been so involved and loving of this little man!  But, we are getting tired!  Babies are hard work.  Little sleep, little time for Matt and I on our own, and little time for me to get done what I want to/need to!  It feels nice to know we are moving on a little now.  Time for the next phase! Continue reading

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What’s this – I hear you ask? An actual blog post from the Fealy Family again?  I know – we’ve been AWOL recently and I’m very sorry if anybody has been missing us!  But guess what?  We went camping over this Queen’s Birthday June long weekend and it was so, so awesome I have to share it with you and hopefully I will kick back into blogging gear again and fill you all in on what has been happening up here recently!

So, here goes.  Let me tell you about Chillagoe! Continue reading

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Joel Salatin – FNQ Tour Wrap Up


Ok, so one of the post’s that is long, long overdue for sharing, is my wrap up of my experience of the Joel Salatin Far North QLD tour which was held in late February.  Joel is actually back in Australia this week to take part in a workshop around developing a fair and regenerative food system for Australia – you can find all the details for the event being run in Melbourne here.

As you know from my initial post about Joel Salatin – prior to his tour, I didn’t know much about him other than he had been touted around the media as ‘the world’s greatest farmer’.

Well, I sure know a whole lot more now after attending all three events that RegenAG organised for the Far North Queensland Agricultural/Food Community! Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot


Hello Everybody!  Yes – we’re still here – just coming up out of the blur that is the end of the mango and avocado season here at Blue Sky – wahoooooo!  This week’s photo was taken on our walk about the farm this afternoon setting up all of our sprinklers back on the lawn again, ready to try to keep our grass green – we sure didn’t get much of a wet season this year!

It has been a month since my last blog post – aaaargh!   Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot

Hi Everyone!  A very, very quick Sunday Snapshot this week as I am very, very tired after a big weekend.  That and our internet is not working very well due to the fact that Telstra has oversubscribed the network in our area – grrrrr!  Such a battle we have with Telstra up here just to get half decent internet half of the time!!

Anyway – don’t get me started – it’s been a frustrating week and not much has gone right!  However we have had a great weekend filled which was kicked off with a very wet and muddy night out at the John Butler Trio Concert in Kuranda on Friday night.

This photo is what we packed to take with us to the concert ……………………….photo 1

Continue reading

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International Women’s Day 2015

Happy belated International Women’s Day for yesterday everyone!  I think I say it to everyone – or do I just say it to the female population?  I don’t really know!

Each year International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 and all around the world.

“International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.” (per the IWD website)

Make It Happen is the 2015 theme for International Women’s Day.

I wasn’t going to write a post about International Women’s Day because I wasn’t really sure what I could say.

I tried to think about who I thought were women that inspired me – I found this really tricky!  Not because there aren’t stacks and stacks of amazing women out in the world doing great things, but just because I couldn’t focus on someone I could really relate to, who I really felt I could ‘connect with’.  In the end I settled on the following women as ladies I aspire to be like and whose achievements are worth celebrating (warning – they are a little bit random); Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – Music

IMG_7511I know, it’s a pretty ordinary photo to be the ‘Sunday Snapshot’ this week, but it was a great little family moment today that is worth preserving on the blog.

Jack has just started learning the Trombone as his first year in the school instrumental music program.  Matt decided that it would be a good way to encourage Jack to practice if he pulled out his trumpet and practiced with him.  Matt has not played his trumpet since our much younger days, when he would often come home late/early morning from a night out and decide that 3am was a great time to blast out a song! Continue reading

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Cyclone Marcia

The news has moved on to other things, but most people would have heard plenty about the damage caused by Cyclone Marcia last month, so for my Friday Farming post today I just wanted to share a little bit of the story of one farmer’s experience with the super storm.  For those that are in the areas around Rockhampton, the clean up from the cyclone is still happening, now 3 weeks later. Continue reading

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O’briens Creek

DSC_0715Throwback Thursday today, so time to catch up on another post that I didn’t share from last year.  Remember when we did our trip out to Lawn Hill at the end of June in 2014?  Well, we finished that trip off with a weekend camping with all the family and doing some gem fossicking at O’briens Creek, just out of Mt Surprise. Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – Blue Sky Beau

IMG_7430The first of March already?  How on earth did that happen – is the year flying for everybody else too?  We’ve had a busy week, so just a quick Sunday Snapshot tonight as we’ve chuffed the kids off to bed early and Matt and I are going to see if we can stay awake to watch a movie.

This is just a photo I took of Blue Sky Beau today.  March is his birthday month – he will be 1 year old in a few days!  So he gets the honour of kicking off Sunday Snapshot for this month.  He is obsessed with the clothes line, sits under it until I come out to hang the washing on it, or heads down to the backpackers clothes line and waits for them to spin it for him! Continue reading

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