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Kipp Turns 2

34aa94cd29eab76aabfa4b2fc466c57bI am having blogging withdrawals and feeling desperate just to get back in to the swing of things, so today I’m doing a very quick post.  I’m going with the mantra that it is better to have some record on here than nothing at all.

This post is one of many long, long overdue, about twelve months overdue in fact.

Kipp is turning three next week and I have just realised that I have not yet done a post about his second birthday – aaaaargh – mum fail about number bizillion and three at this point.  Anyway, I’m going to do a bit of catching up over the next few weeks so there might be a bit of jumping around all over the place on the blog. Continue reading

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Ten Years of Fealy Family Christmas’s

Fealy Kids Xmas 2016

Fealy Kids Xmas 2016

I know I said I would do a ‘what we have been up to’ post tonight, but I’m feeling like I need to do this one instead.  It is a little bit of a self indulgent post – so I won’t be offended if you give it a miss :-).

The kids and I spent the day in Cairns today and managed to get a ‘Santa Photo’ for 2016 (see above).

We usually head down at this time of year so Jack can spend the birthday money that is burning a hole in his pocket from his birthday at the end of November and so we can do a little bit of Christmas shopping.  The kids get to check out the big smoke for a day, take in the lovely Christmas decorations and get a dose of city Christmas spirit.  Matt was in the packing shed today – in full mango madness, so he missed out this year.

The thing is – it’s a week out from Christmas and I am feeling decidedly un-Christmasy!   Continue reading

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Fealy Family Update


I feel like all I do on the blog these days is apologise for the long stretch is has been since we last blogged! Gah!  Anyway, we are here and still kicking along.  Things are busy, so busy in our little Fealy Family world.  To be honest, I think we have let things get out of whack a little – family time seems to have been pushed out due to farm stuff, scouts stuff, my volunteer/work stuff, kids stuff – so much stuff!  When we headed off on our trip to travel oz, we did it to try to simplify our life and change some habits – this was fairly successful on our trip and we had planned to try to keep some of that simplicity in our life when we moved to Blue Sky, but we’ve let all the ‘stuff’ creep back in.  I don’t really know what the solution is – it all feels important, we’ve no idea what to let go of, but as a start, now that the craziness of mango and avocado season has finished, we are trying to prioritise some family time again.

So here’s a bit of an update on the Fealy Family as at April, 2016.   Continue reading

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Nature Play

Jack amusing himself in the campground. Continue reading

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Celebrating 3 years of Blogging!

blogging-success-2013-green-wood-1t4tkvsHello Everyone.  Things have been a little bit of crazy busy (in a good way) in the Fealy Family recently – gah – bring on the end of the avocado season and hopefully a slow down in the Easter School holidays!  We’ve landed in March 2016 already which is a bit of a milestone month for us as that means we’ve been blogging on this little ‘Are We There Yet?’ blog for just over three years now – wow – that’s a lot of rambling away on the keyboard!  Thanks so much to all those who are still following along – I know that this blog doesn’t fit nicely in any real niche – we’re not true travel or camping bloggers – there are too many posts about kids birthdays and parenting moments and other ‘fluff’ for that.  However – we’re not true lifestyle/parenting/mummy bloggers, nor are we totally just farm bloggers.  I don’t really know where we fit – ‘Are We There Yet?’ is definitely a mish mash of all of these things and while the statistics say that not fitting nicely into a blog ‘category’ means we will never make it big in the blogging world – we’re ok with that, as the aim of this blog has always been about ‘making memories of us’ and we’re a pretty crazy, mish mashed kinda family! Continue reading

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Taking Stock – February 2016

IMG_7927It’s been a long while since I’ve done one of these posts and my sisters both did this via email over the last few days – filling each other in on what’s been going on in our lives, so I figured I should do it too and publish it as a blog post of course!  Cause that’s the only way to know what is going on in the Fealy Family – read the blog or via Facebook ;-).  Plus – I figured the end of February is as good a time as any to take a moment and have a think about how things have been going round these parts – the wheels have fallen off in a few areas, but doing ok in others – pretty much the norm for us I guess.  The dream is to have all aspects of our life rolling along well at the same time!!  Ok – so here goes – a bit of fun/procrastination for a Sunday morning! Continue reading

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The Martian – Movie Review

Ahem – interrupting our normal broadcasting – I mean blogging- service to bring you this community service announcement for your Sunday.

Go and rent ‘The Martian’ movie with Matt Damon stat.  It is terrific.

Ok – I should preface this by saying that our family is a bit of a nerdy family.  We aim for balance and love our sport too, but if I’m honest – we’re mostly nerdy.  I love to read and blog.  Matt loves all things science and maths, so really, there was no hope for our kids.  Jacko is a self-confessed nerd – his nickname is ‘JT nerdzillia’ and he reads at least three books a week.  All of our kids do pretty well at school.

So it’s no wonder we all loved a movie filled with chemists, biologists, physicists, astrodynamics engineers, astronaughts and NASA mission control employees. Continue reading

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The Blogger Who Doesn’t Blog!

IMG_7943Hello everyone!  So, I’m feeling like a total fraud at the moment – doing lots of blogging stuff like taking on the volunteer role of ‘Country to Canberra Blogging Team Director’ which I’ve already told you about in this post, but there is not a lot of blogging going on here, on the actual “Are We There Yet?” blog!  Aaaaargh, I know, I know – I have to make time for the stuff that matters most – the important things – which this blog is – but there just seems to be sooooooo much important stuff going on in the Fealy Family these days.

Anyway – I thought an update post was loooooooong overdue, so time to fill you in on what’s been happening in the Fealy Family/Blue Sky Produce world. Continue reading

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Country to Canberra

Just a short post today to share a little bit of exciting news!  I can officially announce that this year I am going to be working with the team at ‘Country to Canberra’ as their new Blogger Team Director – wahooo! This is a volunteer position, but I am thrilled to be working with the very inspiring Hannah Wandel (Hannah’s just a little bit of a super star!  She was on the Financial Review Westpac ‘100 Women of Influence’ list for 2015, she was also an ACT Young Woman of the Year 2015 finalist, a 2015 Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation Scholarship winner and a 2014 Great Ydeas winner), along with a team of talented teenage girl bloggers!

The mission of Country to Canberra is “To empower rural girls to reach their leadership potential”.  There is heaps more information on the Country to Canberra website but here’s a basic outline of what Country to Canberra is trying to do; Continue reading

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Books to Read in 2016

So, another one of my ‘lists’ for 2016, was a reading list.  My step-sister in-law (phew – what a mouthful – hehehe – hi Liz!) very kindly added me to her ‘Booklovers’ Facebook group at the end of last year and it has re-ignited my love of reading again.

Growing up we didn’t have a TV in our house so we all read a lot and I love, love nothing better than to get lost in a good book, especially if it is cold and raining outside and even better if there is a fireplace involved! However, since kids came along – there hasn’t been a lot of time or energy for reading and I’ll have to admit that I have been suckered into watching TV series like Nashville and Friday Night Lights instead spending my down time reading.

Things are changing in 2016 and reading is back!!!   Continue reading

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