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Welcome to our Fealy Family Product Reviews Page!

So as most of you know, we are not into this “Blogging Gig” for fame and fortune and free stuff, we do this purely as a form of family history, an easy way to go back and read over some of the wonderful (and sometimes not so wonderful) things we have done.

After saying that, we do receive a lot of comments and questions about out set up, our essential camping gear, our favourite camp sites etc, so we thought we would start posting about some of the standout places/people/things that we have come across on our journey.

The key here is that these are “standout” winners in our books. You will not be reading reviews about folding toilet seats here! (Actually, just on that, a good folding toilet seat is a must, but we’ll let you find your own one of those :-))

So have a read, enjoy, and remember this is only one family’s opinion, but it is an opinion that has come from very careful research into every purchase, as much hands ons demos as possible, and the experience gained from quite a few little trips under our belt with a tribe of kids in tow.

Now a big part of the way this will work, is that we would love to hear from everyone what their opinion is as well.

Just about all of our best buys and most useful items have come from word of mouth recommendations around the campfire, so this my friends, is the Fealy Family Campfire! It’s happy hour, so grab a cold beer or a glass of chardy and lets shoot the breeze about all the best camping gear we have come across.

The only way into camp sites like this, is with a camper that will not hold you back.

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