Taking Stock – January 2018

IMG_5740Well, all the kids are back at school today and Matt is back in the Blue Sky orchard picking mangoes, which means our ‘routine machine’ has cranked into motion again.  I used to love routine and the productivity it brings, so far this year – honestly?  I just want to keep everybody at home and on holidays forever – sigh.  All good things must come to an end I guess.

I’m feeling restless, all over the place and a bit low and teary today.  Feeling old with our eldest baby starting high school and so not ready to launch back in to the craziness of mango/avocado season, work, work and all of the things and demands on our time.

So, I thought today was a good day for a ‘Taking Stock’ post – feel free to join in and post your responses too via the comments, Facebook or wherever.  

Here goes ………………… Taking Stock January 2018
Making : Beds: everybody got fresh, clean sheets yesterday to start the week off right!

Cooking : This cake as my random act of kindness for January.  It is just a packet mix ‘Green’s Vanilla Cake’ but is a favourite in our house – very quick and easy.  It looked pretty good, hey!
Drinking : Black tea in an effort to try to stop drinking Coke and naughty V’s.  Always on the New Year’s resolution list to ditch those bad habits, really don’t want them on the list for 2019!

Reading: Oh lots of things!  Have enjoyed having the time in the holidays to read.  These are the books I have read/am reading in January:
The Poisonwood Bible (loved this one – made me want to visit Africa)
The Mummy Bloggers (I liked this – well written, bit of a ‘harsh’ take on the blogging world though!)
The Conversation (this is our little book club’s book for January – was very disappointed with this book – very self indulgent!)
The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck: How to Stop Spending Time You Don’t Have with People You Don’t Like Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do (halfway through and not liking this one – not finding anything new or useful!)
The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are (I am liking this one)
Next read: Something light and easy next I think.  At Home With the Templetons, by Monica McInerney
Wanting: It to rain, like proper downpour rain!  It never rains in Mareeba.  Is it possible to be depressed due to lack of rain do you think?  I think it is.

Looking: At our 2017 photos in our photo library and sorting them into an album for printing.

Playing:  Ed Sheeran on Spotify
Deciding: What to get out of the freezer for tea?  I think corn meat and veges could be the go.

Wishing: That I had a million dollars and I could just stay home and learn to write a book!

Enjoying:  Blogging again – yay!

Waiting: For Matt to come in from the paddock for lunch.

Liking: This post from Foxs Lane about the brilliant birthday party they just had!

Wondering: If anybody is even going to read this – hehehehe!

Loving: the group message conversation happening on Facebook with my mother’s group from Brisbane as we share pics of all of our babies heading off to high school for the first time today!  It is amazing to see the pics of them all grown up!  I had the best mother’s group and miss them lots, think of them all the time!
Pondering: how to make sure Jack keeps talking to us as he moves into these tricky high school teenage years.
Considering: whether there is any way possible I can attend the Startup Community Leader’s Mission for 2018 despite the fact it clashes with a major work commitment.  Sigh, so, so wanted to go on this trip.
Buying: Two new dresses from target to get me through Summer!  This one and this one.

Watching: 1864: Denmark’s War on SBS on demand – it is very interesting.  Tried to get the kids in to watching Anne with an E on netflix with me – they couldn’t get in to it – very sad!
Next watch: Going to try ‘The Sinner’ on netflix after several people recommended it over Christmas.

Hoping: That we have a bumper avocado season!

Marvelling: At the fact Kipp is at kindy this year and off to Prep next year!

Cringing: At all the unread emails in my inbox – sigh!

Needing: To get into a regular exercise routine – anybody got some tips for me?

Questioning: what I think about Social Media after reading this article today https://www.theglobeandmail.com/technology/your-smartphone-is-making-you-stupid/article37511900/ and also reading this from always an inspiration – Pip at Meet Me At Mikes:
I am trying really hard to move away from social media a bit – I have alarms on my phone now, where I can have a quick check-in and then go do something else. It’s working well and helping me to avoid ‘self distracting’ and feel much happier. I think we need to help each other find interesting things to read about, away from social media, as much as possible. WHICH IS WHY BLOGS ARE GREAT. What we see on social media – Instagram AND Facebook – is controlled by the powers-that-be. We shouldn’t be letting corporations decide what is worthy of our hearts and minds. Please read blogs more – or start your own – to buck the trend. If you have a blog, please link to it below so we can see. Also if you have a blog, please continue posting about the things you are reading and finding and doing – be a mine of interestingness for us, one that isn’t a corporation.Smelling: sweaty – always hot and sweaty here!
Wearing: my new black and white striped target maxi dress – so comfy!

Following: always my three favourite bloggers:
Foxs Lane
Enjoying the Small Things
Worrying: About all the work I have to do.

Noticing: that my knuckles are sore – think I might be starting to get arthritis?

Knowing: That I have to hurry up and finish this post and get some work done.

Thinking: about what I can do for a very cheap and easy date night for Matt and I?  Something fun/different to do at home – ideas anybody?

Admiring: Emma from She Sow Seeds and the terrific family holiday they just had.  I love her blog – go and check it out!

Sorting: Lexi’s room out – it is always a pigsty!

Getting: Excited thinking about our Bell Girls weekend in Melbourne this year – what should we do and see?
Bookmarking: these resources to help kids of all ages with goal setting:
Activity Village: Goal Setting Printables
Thought Co: Goal Setting Worksheets
I Can Teach My Child: Goal Setting Worksheets
Coveting: An extended family trip to New Zealand for 3 weeks in the next couple of years!
Disliking: having to do school lunch boxes again!  I read this today – liked it!  Oh and really disliking that the formatting is not working properly on this post and I can’t figure out why – sorry everyone!
Opening: My new Passion Planner to try and get organised!
Giggling:  at Kipp when I dropped him off at kindy today.  When I was a kid off on my way to school – Dad would always yell out as we walked off down the driveway ‘What are ya?  And we would have to yell back – Champions!”  As kids my sisters and I found it annoying and embarrassing.  However, I now do this with my kids every morning before they hop out of the car at school – I think my Dad was ahead of his time with positive affirmations hehehehe.  When I dropped Kipp off he whispered quietly with a little sad face to me as I hugged him bye, “You didn’t ask me!”.  It took me a few second’s to figure out what he meant and then it clicked!  So I whispered quietly to him back – “What are you?”  “Champion” he whispered back.  It made me smile and made my day.  Amazing how much even a little three year old takes in.  

Feeling: like I need caffeine!  Any ideas how I can get my fix without coffee, coke or V’s?
Snacking: Peanut butter on toast

Hearing: The forklift unloading crates of mangoes in the shed.
There is a blank list below for you to cut and paste so you can have a go too!  Thanks to Meet Me at Mikes for the ‘Taking Stock’ Inspiration.
Well that’s it from me – I’m off to do the Blue Sky Produce wages now!  Did anybody make it all the way through this mammoth post? ha!
Have a good week everyone, I think Monday’s will be my regular blog post day – something for me to look forward to!
Love The Fealy Family xoxoxox
Taking Stock
Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :
Next read:
Next watch:
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4 thoughts on “Taking Stock – January 2018

  1. Julie

    Love that you are back blogging Jess! I agree with the holidays ending. Although I love and thrive on routine, having the kids with us for the holidays and not having a schedule to follow was heaven! Good idea on a date night for you and Matt. What about a nice candelit picnic somewhere on your beautiful farm. Or if you have a data projector, set up and outdoor movie and watch a classic along with a nice bottle of wine! Hope all the kiddies had a great first day back at school. Still can’t believe our babies are at high school!

    • Are We There Yet?

      Thanks for reading Julie! It is so nice to be blogging again – I have really missed it. Trying to put a bit more fun back into my life!! Great ideas for Date Night – thanks heaps!

  2. Leanne Morris

    Jessica, loving having you back on the blogging journey. Yoga is a must for you to help relax and unwind. Yoga with Adriene is the best. A cheap night out is by the fire in your new pit. No phones. Just don’t tell the kids where you are, take a nice red wine and some steak and salad and, once again, relax. Xo

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