Kipp Turns 2

34aa94cd29eab76aabfa4b2fc466c57bI am having blogging withdrawals and feeling desperate just to get back in to the swing of things, so today I’m doing a very quick post.  I’m going with the mantra that it is better to have some record on here than nothing at all.

This post is one of many long, long overdue, about twelve months overdue in fact.

Kipp is turning three next week and I have just realised that I have not yet done a post about his second birthday – aaaaargh – mum fail about number bizillion and three at this point.  Anyway, I’m going to do a bit of catching up over the next few weeks so there might be a bit of jumping around all over the place on the blog.

Last year we spent the ANZAC Day long weekend having an awesome time camping at Lake Tinaroo – you can read all about it here.

Kipp is an ANZAC Day baby so we celebrated his birthday at camp with all the family – not much more that a kid could ask for really – family, presents, cake and lollies all round.

IMG_8564 IMG_8562 IMG_8668 IMG_8565 IMG_8569

His chocolate cake was made in the camp oven – it was a little burnt on the top and bottom, but not a bad effort for cooking a big cake over the camp fire!

IMG_2191 IMG_2207 IMG_8572

Kipp loved us all singing him Happy Birthday and even requested we sing it to him twice!  He also got the hang of the present opening thing and was thrilled with all of his gifts.  We had only a ball and some bubbles for him as a present from us this year as there was really nothing he needed or wanted – being the youngest of four kids, our house is FULL of toys. His favourite gift was the toy motorbike from Grandma Gayel and Grandad Bill – it didn’t leave his hands all day.

IMG_2200 IMG_8667 IMG_8665 IMG_8662 IMG_8574 IMG_8575 IMG_8571 IMG_8660 IMG_2192 IMG_2195

Such a nice way to celebrate a second birthday!!

A much loved little boy by all the family and extended family.

IMG_2188 IMG_8663 IMG_8664

When we arrived home – we were greeted with a lovely surprise gift from Saul – one of the workers doing some pruning on the farm.  He presented Kipp with a ‘Kip’ which is the name of the two up paddle board used to play two up on ANZAC Day.  We had no idea about ‘Kip’s’ when we named Kipp, but it is such a lovely little coincidence given that he was born on ANZAC Day.

IMG_2243 IMG_2211

Next week our little boy will turn three, oh how the years are flying.  It feels like only yesterday we had a newborn in our arms.

Wish us luck – Kipp has requested a dinosaur or aeroplane cake – not sure what we are going to go for yet.  Fingers crossed you will get some pics of Kipp’s third birthday sooner than those of his second!

Love From

The Fealy Family xoxoxox

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