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George the Farmer

Phew!  It’s been a busy week in the Fealy Family house as I spent two full days out listening to Joel Salatin talk at a couple of different events around Cairns & Mareeba.  A big thank you to both Grammy & Grandma for looking after Kipp for us with a day each of babysitting duty – we are very lucky!!  I’m feeling a bit knackered and my head is still spinning with all the information I’ve had to take in and thinking I’ve done over the last few days, so my wrap of of Joel Salatin’s visit will have to wait until next week’s Farming Friday.

Instead, today I thought I’d share the short little interview Matt did for ‘George the Farmer’ this week which was featured on his Facebook page. Continue reading

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Babinda Boulders


The other spot we visited a few times while staying at Bramston Beach was the Babinda Boulders.  The kids loved it here and the water was lovely and refreshing and not quite as ‘fresh’ as the beautiful Josephine Falls. Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – In The Picture


Tonight’s Sunday Snapshot is a photo of Kipp and I, up in the avocado orchard with Matt late this afternoon.  It was my favourite part of the day today, riding through the rows with Matt, checking out the fruit on the trees and trying to decide if we have enough avocados ready for us to head in and do a spot pick of any fruit big enough to be packed.  It was peaceful, not too hot and just lovely – Blue Sky Beau the dog racing the bike up the rows, chasing the kangaroos and the sun just starting to set – the best time of day in the orchard. Continue reading

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The Worlds Greatest Farmer – Joel Salatin

Welcome to Farming Friday on the Fealy Family blog!  I’m going to kick off the first of our farming posts this year by sharing some information about a tour happening next week, which I am a little bit excited about!

As most of you know, we are currently in our second year of our “Farm Apprenticeship” here at Blue Sky Produce.  We have learnt a lot in twelve months, probably the most of which is that there is still a lot we don’t know!  The nature of farming is very hands on, with little time to get away from ‘the tools’ but we are very conscious of the fact, that to be the best farmers we can be, we need to be open-minded and take up as many opportunities as we can to learn as much as we can about farming and the issues facing the wider agricultural industry.  So, when we saw the advertisement for the Joel Salatin Tour organised by local community based, family business RegenAg, we knew we had to make an effort to try to get along to some of the events being offered. Continue reading

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Josephine Falls


Ok, enough of the soppy stuff – my poor Dad will be shaking his head and wondering what the world is coming to with such public displays of affection – love you too Dad!

Back to sharing some of our summer holiday fun!  If you read our Bramston Beach post then you will know that while we were staying there it was hot, hot, hot.  To survive our week without air-conditioning, we headed away from the beach on quite a few occasions in search of cool, refreshing, shady water holes and Josephine Falls was voted the favourite by the kids.  Can you see why? Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – The Farmer Boy


I’m bringing back the Sunday Snapshot post this year too.  Here’s this week’s pic taken late on Friday afternoon, up in the Keitt mango orchard here at Blue Sky Produce.  Matt was sweeping up excess, unused crates along to the next row, ahead of the pickers.  I’m posting this photo of my farmer boy in honour of Valentines day. Continue reading

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Jack turned 9


Welcome to ‘Throwback Thursday’ on the Fealy Family blog everyone.  This is the way that I am going to throw in a few catch up posts to the blog this year – a little bit sneaky and cheeky, and the posts will be a bit random, but there are a few bits and pieces I want to pull in to the blog and this is how I’m going to do it!

So, way back in November last year – Jack turned 9 and we celebrated with a pretty low key, but lovely, afternoon tea at home with a few of his mates from school and Poppy who drove up from Cairns to join in.   Continue reading

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Bramston Beach

DSC_0146Here at last is the promised Bramston Beach post.  We (being my sister Beth and her family, my mum & dad and our Fealy Family – as well as a few ring-ins, the Kendalls, Tom and Worrell families, who stayed a night or two throughout our visit) spent a week at the end of January staying in a very old beach house at Bramston Beach.  We had a really good time, but it was very, very, very hot and we didn’t have air-conditioning.  Oh, and all the kids ended up with school sores (thanks Lexi!).  So, that’s just a bit of the reality before I show you some photos.  Here’s a few taken by my very clever cousin Sarah, from Sarah Kendall Photography, to set the scene of our week. Continue reading

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We’re Still Here! An Update Post.

Oh dear.  I have just realised that it has been over a month since our last post – aaaargh – how did that happen!  I’m really sorry if we actually have any readers who missed us!  I have no idea if anybody is even following our blog any more, but I’m going to keep posting anyway – just cause I love it and this is our family record keeping place.

So.  What’s been happening with the Fealy Family you ask?   Continue reading

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