Taking Stock – November 2014

IMG_4753I’m on a bit of a blogging roll at the moment – wahooo – look at me go!  Still lots of posts to catch up on but I thought I would pause for a little bit today to ‘Take Stock’.  I’ve done a couple of these posts now and really find them useful for a little bit of quiet reflection.  Feel free to have a go yourself – it’s really quite fun!

Making : A chocolate cake for Jack’s 9th Birthday party tomorrow – don’t let me get distracted here and burn it!  Going for something like this;

Cooking : Cooking the ever faithful chocolate slice, also for birthday party tomorrow.
Drinking : A ‘V’ Energy drink – I know sooooooo bad for me.  My not-so-secret, dirty, little habit.  Really should learn to drink coffee instead.
Reading: This post with a list of the best beaches in QLD – I think there is a few missing – what do you think?
Wanting: A full night’s sleep with crisp hotel bed, white sheets and block out curtains, very, very badly!
Looking: At places to visit for our camping trip next year.  Where to go?
Playing: Backyard cricket with the kids on the weekend.  I’m ashamed to admit that our kids don’t know how to play cricket!

Deciding: If we can afford to go to a Zac Brown Band concert next year and if so – Sydney or Melbourne?
Wishing: We could go away camping to this gorgeous little spot we found at Davies Creek (only 20 minutes from home) on the weekend!!

Enjoying: Living in the country and having our kids getting to experience country life.
Waiting: For my Mum to arrive for her visit today – love living closer to my family!
Liking: That we have a week at Bramston Beach in January with the Campbell Family & Grammy & Grunda to look forward to!
Wondering: If I have time to finish the kids baby photo albums and have them printed and delivered before Christmas?
Loving: This new school uniform rack in our laundry – it has revolutionised our before school morning chaos!

Pondering: What craft activity to do at Joey Scouts tonight – Christmas theme.  Ideas anyone?
Considering: Buying an icecream machine so we can make delicious Blue Sky mango icecream this summer.
Watching: Kipp trying so hard to crawl!  Our world is going to change when he does!
Hoping: I can get this post finished today!
Marvelling: At how nice and clean our patio is after our mammoth cleaning up effort around the house on the weekend.
Needing: To get back into some regular exercise and eating healthy again!
Smelling: Limes on Matt when he came in to grab a sandwich!
Wearing: Black shorts and a white top – my standard once a week outfit.
Following: The Adventure Mumma blog – love it!  Lots of great information for fun stuff to do up here in Tropical North Qld!
Noticing: That I am getting older.  I’m getting wrinkles – eeeeek!
Knowing: That I really have to do something about my emails – 1482 unread ones currently (mostly Subscription stuff, Facebook) eeek!  I know!
Thinking: About some fun things to do in the school holidays.  Need some easy craft ideas and a cheap outing or two.
Feeling: Absolutely ready for the school year to be over and school holidays to start!
Admiring: This bunch of limes this morning while the Blue Sky Produce crew were out picking.

Sorting: Washing – always sorting washing!  On the upside, I am sort of on top of the laundry at the moment which never happens!
Buying: Christmas presents – I’m nearly all done!
Getting: A little anxious about what I am going to do for work.  Time to start getting serious about bringing in some money again soon!
Bookmarking: The Anderson Family blog to read later.  They are currently travelling round Australia and sent us a lovely message earlier in the year and I just haven’t had a chance to keep up with their travels!
Disliking: How many times Lexi has had nits this year!  Aaaaargh – they just keep coming back!
Opening: Presents with Jack for his 9th Birthday this morning!
Giggling: At Toby thinking Jack’s birthday was last Wednesday when he got up early only to find there were no presents out for Jack.  He was so worried about how sad Jack would be to have no presents this year!!  He was very relieved to find all was well with Jack for his birthday today!
Feeling: Tired
Snacking: on Smarties left over from decorating Jack’s birthday patty cakes for school today.  Soooo bad.
Coveting: A girls week away with my Mum and sisters to Bali next year!
Wishing: It would just pour down with rain!  I miss the rain!  
Helping: at Joey Scouts tonight.  Love it, but it does take a lot of energy!
Hearing: The frogs going crazy with croaking as we enjoy some slight drizzle here – the first rain we have seen in a very long time!

Now your turn!  What’s happening in your neck of the woods these days?  Fill me in – even just a few words – I’d love to hear from you!

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Taking Stock is the original idea of the very clever Pip from Meet Me at Mikes – go check out her site – you’ll love it!

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15 thoughts on “Taking Stock – November 2014

  1. Judith Morrisey

    Ooohhhh! Imight just do the full list later: but for now:
    Feeling: lazy
    Stressing: mildly about the fact that it is 1pm and i have nit done a single thing today to progress our new house building!!
    Feeling: guilty that i have not add to our travel blog since we left Katherine back in September 2014!
    Wanting: to figure out how to give Jess a great free camping spot with out giving it to the while world!!
    Feeing: guilty that i want to keep some camp sites ‘just between friends’ !!! LOL!!!

    • Are We There Yet?

      Judith – new house building??? Sounds like we need a blog post update stat for sure! You’ve decided on where to live then? Wahoooo! Send me an email jessfealy@me.com if you have time – I’d love the details of the secret camp spot please! Nothing wrong with a little ‘secret squirrelling’ among friends I say! I hope you and James are both well! I still have lots of your blog to catch up on!!

  2. Kate

    Making : absolutely nothing
    Cooking : again absolutely nothing
    Drinking : water
    Reading: nothing
    Wanting: … to stop the clock for a little while! This life is slipping away so fast and i ain’t no spring chicken these days!
    Looking: tired i think!
    Playing: nothing!
    Deciding: nothing.. to keep it simple. one foot in front of the other for now!
    Wishing: … for one guilt free hour where there is not something i simply should be doing or organsing or planning.
    Enjoying: my little school group surprisingly! They come running over and give me a hug. the have beautiful little smiles and are so proud of themselves when they can do a bit of kicking, or manage to float in the deep end. they are beautiful! One comment upon letting them into the water: his eyes lit up and he just said “i’m so happy!” so genuine and so simple! the feel of cool water on your skin on a hot day!
    Waiting: waiting… always waiting
    Liking: …i’m to tired to like at the moment!
    Wondering: if i’ll ever find that missing piece!
    Loving: the inverell sunsets
    Pondering: how to employ / go about building a lts program.
    Considering: again.. to tired to consider to much… one foot in front of the other for now!
    Watching: nothing… no time!
    Hoping: i don’t know…
    Marvelling: to tired to marvel just now!
    Needing: i don’t need much i don’t think!
    Smelling: not much.. never been a good smeller
    Wearing: singlet, shorts, socks.. post work.
    Following: not much!
    Noticing: how uninteresting i am right now!
    Knowing: that i love my job and couldn’t imagine my life without it.
    Thinking: that i’m very tired and one faceted at the moment
    Feeling: a little bit lonely! but sick of people… haha oxymoron?
    Admiring: inverell sunsets
    Sorting: not much
    Buying: not much, food!
    Getting: not much! don’t need much!
    Bookmarking: not much
    Disliking: well… i can’t straight out think of anything i dislike so that’s good i suppose!
    Opening: not much
    Giggling: to tired to giggle!
    Feeling: a little frustrated. balance is so hard come by! yet i wouldn’t want much to change… just more time in the day.
    Snacking: dark roast almond chocolate
    Coveting: a coles mudcake hah
    Wishing: that i had a husband who was a swim coach and then he could coach i would run learn to swim or vice versa and we’d change the world one little kid at a time! and be happy being sick of people and each other together. and we all lived happily ever after. the end!
    Helping: a parent / town start a fundraiser swimmathon to raise money for african communities to build water tanks. Every $1000 buys them one tank. we’ve set a date – March 22!
    Hearing: crickets

    • Are We There Yet?

      hehehehe Kate! Loved your list! So you xoxoxo! Hang in there – just keeping going, just keep going! There is a break over Chrissy coming!! Loved the ‘Happily Ever After’ story – it will come I am sure of it!! Swimmathon sounds pretty awesome too by the way!

  3. Jess, I think the Zac Brown Band concert in Sydney is the one to go to then you could stay here for a night. Win win!

    • Are We There Yet?

      We booked Sydney Leanne so will hopefully get time to see you guys – very excited!

  4. Such a wonderful catch up list! We’ll we’re back ‘home’ in SE Qld – Maleny for the moment, but moving back to Brisbane next month for 6-12 months to have the baby and be around family and friends. Then, we’ll look to buy a place back up on the sunny coast somewhere fun.
    It’s a strange feeling to be transitioning out of the camping life. But, things are coming together slowly but surely. I’m a bit sad we didn’t make it up to far north Qld. It will be on my ‘to do list’ for a while, I think.
    I’m loving that mangos are popping up here now. So exciting! And those limes look amazing. I can almost smell them through my screen. I really do think santa should bring you an early gift in the form of an icecream machine! x Heike
    Heike Herrling recently posted…Travel – Cradle to Coast Farmers’ MarketMy Profile

    • Are We There Yet?

      Heike make sure you get up our way one day! I’d love to meet you in the flesh! Enjoy your housesitting and take it easy growing your bubba!

  5. Carla

    Making : hopefully 2 healthy babies
    Cooking : nothing – I am on holidays in Adelaide and we are eating out a lot!!
    Drinking : water – I am always thirsty during this pregnancy.
    Reading: The maze runner!
    Wanting: Lily to sleep in her own bed and not in ours!!!
    Looking: forward to Christmas – whilst it will be my first ever away from Atherton and the wider family I am looking forward to both kids being excited on Chrissy day when grandma and poppy spides are in Brisbane!!!
    Playing: with Carter’s Lego – well packing it away actually!!!
    Deciding: on what to have for Christmas lunch!
    Wishing: that work would slow down!!!
    Enjoying: the food in Adelaide!!!
    Waiting: for these babies to come and for this pregnancy to be over!
    Liking: Nashville the TV show – I am so hooked!!!
    Wondering: what it will be like living back in Atherton with 4 children under 4!!
    Loving: The food in Adelaide
    Pondering: what to get the kids for Christmas! Only small presents this year as we got a trampoline a few months ago!!!
    Considering: what restaurant locks and I should go to on Saturday night!! It may be our last chance like ever!!!!
    Watching: upper middle bogan on the abc! It’s hilarious!!!!
    Hoping: that these babies keep behaving themselves!!
    Marvelling: that I am having twins!!
    Needing: a bigger car and a twin pram!
    Smelling: not much asy nose is constantly blocked – the joys of pregnancy!!
    Wearing: preggo jeans and Tshirt – yes it’s still cool enough in Adelaide for jeans!!!!
    Following: the Fealy family blog!!!!
    Noticing: that I am really looking pregnant!
    Knowing: that I am going to be huge by the end of this pregnancy!!
    Thinking: about going to the zoo tomorrow with the kids!
    Feeling: sick – again the joys if
    Admiring: Jess ans her blogging skills!
    Sorting: clothes in our suitcase! You can’t even escape laundry on holidays!!!
    Buying: small Christmas gifts here in Adelaide that we can take bAck with us!! And maybe some wine to enjoy post babies being born!
    Getting: puffed already when going for walks!!!
    Bookmarking: Christmas recipes for
    Salads and desserts!!
    Disliking: work and work politics
    Opening: work emails!! Ugrrrr – yes it’s
    My own fault for getting access one phone!!!!
    Giggling: at a video of lil and carter dancing to let it go from frozen!
    Snacking: on haighs chocolate!!!!
    Coveting: a really cute necklace I saw the other day!
    Wishing: I could win the lotto!
    Helping: nana and poppa unpack from our short trip to Clare!
    Hearing: Carter snoring!!!!

    • Carla, good luck making those two healthy babies! Enjoy the ride, it will be busy but it will be awesome. Wish I could give you a big hug and I would tell you it will all be OK….maybe? 😉
      The Exercise Hitlist recently posted…Taking Stock – November 2014My Profile

    • Are We There Yet?

      Carla I love reading your lists! I think of you guys often and have been wondering how you are going growing those babies! You guys will be fine – it will be tough but we will all help – I am sooooooooo excited!! Bummed we won’t be seeing you at Christmas but hopefully in the new year! Look after yourself ok!

  6. A fantastic list from you-I am going to steal that school uniform laundry idea off you…our mornings are chaos at the moment! I will have to get back in the swing of seeing bands & festivals again, now the kids are older. Enjoy your weekend! xx
    Lisa recently posted…Liebster Award-Lisa BersonMy Profile

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  8. I love reading these and I decided I would do one over on my blog. Thanks for the reminder/idea. By the way I love your uniform hanger…going to have to get one!!
    The Exercise Hitlist recently posted…Taking Stock – November 2014My Profile

  9. Are We There Yet?

    Beth – the Uniform Rack in the laundry is a game changer for this house I tell ya! Off to check out your post now 🙂

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