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Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy – Matt

Farmer boy after a hard day!As I do most of the writing here on the blog, you all get to hear lots about me and the kids and what is happening in our world’s, but not so much about Matt.  There is a bit of a ‘chain mail’ type thing floating around on Instagram at the moment and Matt was challenged to complete it this week.  The task was to ‘List the Top 10 Things that Make you Happy”.  So tonight I’d thought I’d give you a bit of an insight into the ‘world of Matt’ and share his list! He said that it was actually harder than it seems to come up with ten things. I’m still cranky that ‘Wife’ wasn’t at the top of the list, but he assures me that ‘family’ has me covered.  Hmmm, the jury is still out on that one! Continue reading

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Sunday Snapshot – “Just like a chocolate milkshake …….”


Kellogg’s Coco Pops – “Just like a chocolate milkshake ……. only crunchy”.  I know, first up its been a while since we’ve had a Sunday Snapshot and I’m bringing it back with a photo of a box of Coco Pops?!?!?  Stay with me ok! Continue reading

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6 Things To Do These School Holidays on the Atherton Tablelands


Hooray!  The school holidays have arrived at last!!  The Fealy Family absolutely limped to the finish line this term, everybody worn out from having the flu, the hockey season and just general school and life craziness – we always seem to find the end of the third school term tough to get through – does anybody else find this too? So, for the next two weeks, we are looking forward to no lunch boxes, no rushing and some relaxing days doing nothing at home.

While we are talking about school holidays, I have been seeing lots of posts on the internet that look like this;School-holiday-activities-TNQ

Now – that post has some fantastic ideas for things to do around Cairns, but being the patriotic Tablelanders we are (we do live in a pretty special part of the country!), it was decided we needed our own list.  So here are ‘6 Things to Do These School Holidays on the Atherton Tablelands’, Fealy Family style! Continue reading

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What’s Happening at Blue Sky Produce?



Hello Everyone!  Yes – we are all still alive and kicking up here on the farm!  We have had a nasty flu lay us low for the past couple of weeks but there are only a few more coughs and snuffles to get rid of and then we are all in the clear – hooray!  So, as usual, there is lots of catching up to do on the blog and I thought I’d better start with an update of all the goings on here at Blue Sky as things have been busy, busy, busy! Continue reading

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Bub No 4


Kipp is 4 and 1/2 months old now and I have just realised I have not yet shared the photo shoot that my cousin Sarah did when he was just a week old!!

Kipp, our baby number four is a much loved and much wanted member of our family!  Ever since I had Lexi 5 years ago I was sure that we needed to have another little person in our family.  I always pictured 4 lunch boxes on the bench, 4 school bags hanging up and another little face in the back seat of the car!  Matt took a little more convincing that we needed to add more chaos into the family, that losing his drawers in the back of Peter Prado to make way for a seat in the back would be ok, and the fact that we would be doing the nappies, mess and sleep deprived thing for another few years, made Bub No 4 a pretty hard sell!!!!!  For a while there it was tough for Matt and I, being at odds over what was right for our family, it was not a decision that could be easily compromised on. Continue reading

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